Our Story

We started out trying to figure what we wanted from a Gin that represented where we grew up and what it meant to us. What our memories were about South Devon and what stood out ..

Memories From The South West

For me it was picking apples in my Grandmas’ garden and helping her make elderflower champagne, long walks on the moors and swimming in the Dart. Long summer days with blue skies but how do we bottle it?

Natural Dartmouth Produce

Hunts at stoke Gabriel have been growing apples in their orchards for 200 years and there’s been elderflower in the hedgerow in Devon as long as history can remember. We talked to Richard Hunt about our idea to create the Gin and he was more than helpful in supplying the apples we needed for our development. The same was to be said about Simon,the head grounds keeper at Greenway House and he went in search of elderflower for us straight away.

A Legend Is Born

We’ve been developing our bottle since the conception of the idea of our Gin.
There was never a doubt It was going to be blue like the sea and there was always going to be a white Boat but what ?

So we chose the view that we looked at every day, up the Estuary, towards the castle. We’ll export a little bit of Dartmouth on Every bottle

All we’re doing is bottling memories and love and serving it with tonic.

We are Distinctly Gin